Welcome! My name is John Bingham and I am a computer science graduate from the university of Notre Dame. Feel free to learn more about my job experiences, education, skills, and more. This website is meant to be an extension of my resumé. I built the frontend of this website using Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS. I am statically hosting this website in an S3 bucket on AWS.

University of Notre Dame

Located in South Bend, IN, Notre Dame is a popular destination for students from across the country and the world. I graduated in January 2021 a semester ahead of schedule. As a senior I was involved in clubs such as SIBC and intramural sports, such as soccer and volleyball. I am also an avid fan of the Fighting Irish sports teams, especially the football squad.

School College of Engineering
Degree Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
GPA 3.87
Honors Magna Cum Laude

Regis High School

Regis is a Catholic High School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. At Regis I was involved in Speech and Debate, but my main interests were soccer and volleyball, both of which I was privileged enough to become captains of my senior year. These experiences, as well as my 2 hour round trip commute taught me to become a strong, independent leader.

Degree New York State Regents Diploma
Test Scores ACT: 35 | SAT: 1540/1600
GPA 3.82
Honors National Merit Finalist | AP Scholar with Honor



Proficient in functional programming, data scraping and analysis, and much more in python

AWS Certified

Passed the Solutions Architect, Developer, and Sysops Admin Associate Exams
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Experience using version control software to work safely and collaboratively

AWS Web Hosting

This static website is hosted in an Amazon S3 bucket with routing and DNS services from Route 53


Skilled in object oriented programming, data structures, minimization of time complexity


Used the latest version of HTML, HTML5 to build this website


Knowledge of linux terminal with command lines and scripting languages such as bash, shell


Experience writing and reading queries in SQL using Azure Data Studio and SQL Server Management Studio


A previous version of this website was hosted on a node.js server using hapi


Used the latest version of HTML, HTML5 to build this website


Used CSS3 to style this website


This website was built using the latest version of Bootstrap, Bootstrap4.


Developed an IOS application using swift in association with a class


Experience in systems programming, and built a working web server and client


Puedo hablar español conversacional


Used excel for data analysis, modeling, and a variety of circumstantial uses