Ben Eine: Facebook, The Streetwear Brand and New Projects

My god Ben are you keeping busy! Anyone who follows you on Instagram will see the various different projects you have going on at any one time. You’re constantly busy, what are you working on right now?

I just completed a big job in the new Facebook headquarters and I'm also about to do a Ted Talk. I have a big museum project in LA and have art projects planned in Japan, Melbourne and Columbia. I'm also working on a tapestry for Blackrock whilst trying to teach myself Illustrator!


Your Eine London streetwear brand recently launched and seems like an obvious next step. Tell us more about how it came about and where we can get our hands on it. 

Eddie Pendergast, who runs "Present" and used to own "Duffer St. George" is a long-term friend of mine and for years we have talking about doing a clothing line, but it never happened because I was living in America. A couple of years ago I was kicked out of America, so we finally sat down and decided to make it happen.

It is available online at, in Selfridges (London and Manchester), 'Present' in Shoreditch, 'Beems' in Japan and a few other places.


Probably your largest painting to date, tell us about this 17,500 square meter painting in Stratford.

For a few years I have been working with a video photographer, Louis (@sprayingbricks, Instagram) and we had a crazy idea to try and make the largest painting in the world. We found a location in between Stratford and Hackney Wick, the property developers were behind the project, it took us 8 months to find somebody to sponsor it, and fortunately it was Zippo, as they appreciated the value of an artist's work, in the collaborative aim of furthering their brand.


Why is London (East London) the greatest place on earth?

London has always been a melting pot for artists, it allows individuals to thrive as it is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.


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