Yellow This Summer

Finally, yellow is back and completely appropriate for this summer. See how I’ve styled a relaxed look below, featuring a bold splash of yellow goodness. Scroll down to see where my clothes are from.

I love a jumper and I love these relaxed fitting oversized ones of the minute. I’ve gone for an 80’s inspired color block in black, white and bright yellow. Some over sized tops can make you look a bit frumpy, this ones great as it has black panels down each side, lengthening the upper body.

Remember to steer clear of light tacky yellow, keep them bold and full-bodied. I’ve gone with a 3-colour palette, which keeps a relaxed look looking chic. Colour on the top half, black backpack, black washed jeans, black Vans.

Oversized sweatshirt: Asos

Skinny Stretch washed jeans: Topman

Trainers: Vans

Backpack: Fjällräven's Kånken

Photography: @jared_ldn