No1 Rosemary Water

Introducing the world’s first pure rosemary drink. An incredibly unique and refreshing drink with health benefits, scroll down to see why I love it.

No.1 Rosemary Water is an amazing new way to enjoy rosemary. An exciting new drink brand from founder David Spencer-Percival that has a brave and bold taste. More than just a beverage, it’s a drink to remember. And remember it you will.

Inspired by the carefree and long-lived residents of Acciaroli, Italy, it’s a real taste of the Mediterranean – a toast to your memory, and future.

In Acciaroli, more than one in 10 residents live longer than their hundredth birthdays. They do so while enjoying a lifestyle that many would consider unhealthy: they drink, they smoke, and they indulge their every pleasure. So, what’s their secret? According to several scientists, the key variable may be fresh rosemary – a ‘superherb’ with a number of longevity and health boosting properties.

It’s a tribute to the health, hardiness, and longevity of Acciaroli’s villagers. It’s refreshing and revivifying – subtle and powerful at once. It’s a potent combination of freshness and tradition.

Head to the No.1 Rosemary Water website here to get your hands on some and find out where they’re stocked.

LifestyleJohn Bingham