Dekke Hud Skincare Masks

Let’s face it; we’ve tried nearly everything to achieve that perfectly healthy Hollywood complexion and not a lot is working. Here’s a brand from San Francisco who are changing the way men clean up their skin. And it works. 

I received the men’s Anytime Facial Cleanser along with an all day moisture mask and one for specifically oily skin, to try over two weeks. Out of the box they’re visibly premium products with well-designed packaging that holds up and does the job without frills.

The masks are full of moisture and smell delicious, so much so that I wanted a taste. But these, I’m afraid, are not at all edible! The closest you’ll get to consumption is by unfolding these beauties and placing them on your face.

After using the all day cleanser (meaning, this is great to be used at any time throughout the day) you’ll get that fresh as hell feeling as if you’ve just had your face washed by a Harley Street beauty practitioner. This provides the perfect base for the mask. And on it goes.

He fits well and has eyeholes and a mouth hole for comfort. Yes, I’m still talking about the mask. Kick back and watch 15 minutes of telly before being tempted to keep it on, but I recommend you take it off at this point and pat your face dry with a towel.

I know right, your face feels so damn good. Smooth, alive, vibrant, closed pores. These effects last all day.

Repeat on Friday night.

Buy at the Dekke Hud online store here, you'll also get more info and see the rest of their products.