L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Birch Sap

My skin really feels the change moving from winter to spring, especially with the wonderfully unpredictable weather we have in London. Here’s the brand and product helping my face through April.

A new birch sap moisturiser from L’Oreal Men Expert’s Hydra Sensitive range, that feels greener and more natural, moisturising like a superhero. I’ve incorporated this into my face-cleansing routine for April and have begun using it every morning and night after washing and toning.

The perfect choice for the city male, I can feel it soothing and restoring my skin’s barrier and fighting against aggressions and pollution. Air pollution from my commute through London affects my skin and this is the moisturiser to help. It’s texture feels amazing on my face and is absorbs super-fast.

It’s not like other cloggy feeling moisturisers; it’s lightweight yet substantial and feels really fresh. It’s crafted specifically for sensitive skin with 0% alcohol, so no nasty chemicals and no drying out your face.

It’s L’Oreal Men Expert’s first reinforcing moisturiser, meaning that it does more to protect your skin in the long-run and after using it for just one week, Its become one of very few that I’ve tried, that keeps my face completely hydrated for the entire day.

Birch Sap

The soothing ingredient here is birch sap, a clear coloured and silky textured liquid, which is directly tapped from birch trees between mid winter and spring.

Why buy

  • Lasts all day
  • Feels silky fresh
  • Soothes and good for sensitive skin
  • 0% alcohol and colourant
  • Naturally derived birch sap
  • Restores skin’s natural resistance
  • Highly affordable

Get it now! You'll find it on the shelves at Tesco or shop online here.