pH Perfect Skin

But what’s wrong with soap? This month I’ve decided to ditch the soap, with a little bit of help from Sebamed. Scroll down to see a few of the products I’ll be using and why they’re better for your skin.

When you’re looking for new skincare products, start checking the pH levels. This is something that had never crossed my mind before but now makes sense. 

The Science Part

pH is a figure expressing the acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a logarithmic scale on which 7 is neutral, lower values are more acid and higher values more alkaline.

Conventional soaps, (no brands mentioned, just think soapy soaps!) when combined with water, form an alkaline solution with a pH value between 8 and 12. This is way too high a number considering the skin’s surface is naturally acidic having a pH of 5.5, so when alkaline soap is used to wash with, it destroys the skin’s acid mantle. Causing the skin’s natural defence against pathogens and irritants to become reduced, leading to skin dehydration.

This Month

I’m using the energizing hair and body wash, aftershave balm and balsam sensitive roll-on for men, from the clinically tested pH5.5 Sebamed range. The product comes is great functional and easy to read packaging, feels great on the skin and I’d say it’s best feature is that it moisturises the skin to perfection, in a way that more conventional soaps can’t.

Along with visibly clearer and fresher feeling skin, I’ve noticed:

  • I’m instantly moisturized after a full body wash
  • I’ve less irritated patches
  • Clearer skin tone
  • Feeling fresher for longer
  • I’ve been sweating less
  • My neck and facial area is smoother

To buy the highly affordable men's range, head to their website and to see more of the products and offers head to their Instagram page