pHformula Skin Perfection

pHformula is a brand with serious clout, why? Because they’re a homecare prescription product that really work, and they leave faces feeling like magic. I chose a product from their Vita line to sneak into my daily routine and now I’m a customer for life.

I had a facial a couple of weeks ago for the first time and have since declared that all men need to start having facials, regularly. The results were so good that I wanted to get my hands on the products that were used. You can see my facial review here.

pHformula are experts in dermatological skin resurfacing. Under the guidance of dermatologists and pharmacists, they’ve developed a unique system and daily skincare solutions that treat specific skin disorders and enhance and maintain healthy skin. This week I’m incorporating a vitamin infused moisturiser into my routine.

VITA B3 cream

The VITA b3 cream is a light textured twice a day moisturiser with the ingredient Niacinamide at prescription strength. It has superior skin correction benefits and is a great perfect to use all year round. It’s great for ageing skin, helps to erase discolorations and revives the skin’s tone and texture. It also improves the skin’s elasticity and enhances its barrier function.

Results in 2 days

I said I’d give it a week of full use but after just two days I’ve seen results. I suffered with a bit of acne this week resulting in redness in areas and this has visibility reduced. It’s nice and lightweight, so it’s replaced my current moisturiser and I’ve noticed that I’m waking with clearer skin and my pores have visibly reduced. 


  • It gives fast results
  • Calms acne and redness completely
  • All-day moisture
  • Smells great
  • Closes pores
  • Evens skin tone

Head to the pHformula website for more information and to see their full range of skincare products with benefits for use. You won't be disappointed! To buy this product near you, head to the directory here!