Fragrances For The Star Wars Fan

Star Wars have released new fragrances and gave me the chance to geek out. I’m not as big a fan as my mother, but I can get pretty stuck into a Star Wars film when the time is right. Look below to see more about a couple of the new fragrances and my thoughts. 

For me they're fragrantly fun, they’re really well designed, smell pretty damn good and look amazing too. The Eau de Parfum range has been created by KeepMe Group in conjunction with Disney and Lucasfilm and there are 7 in total. 


The bottles look slick and have been designed to represent a sleek, sophisticated and androgynous look, with an element of science fiction to encapsulate the essence of Star Wars. Each come displayed in their own unique story book design gift pack.

The Smell

This week I gave Droid and Revenge a good testing and they're definitely fragrances that grow on you. They hold well too, lingering for the entire day unlike many others of the same price point. Droid comes in a sleek minimal and highly reflective silver glass bottle and has uplifting citrus scents combined with spicy and musky elements of nutmeg, violet, clary sage, lavender and jasmine. Think amber, woods and mossy tones. 

Revenge arrives in a darker black glass bottle with a sexy holographic font that changes in the light. It’s more dominant with a spicy, woody and dark scent that represents the essence of the dark side of the force!

Both fragrances come in 50ml sizes and are priced at £27.50. They're available to buy now at Amazon, Fragrance Direct and Boots so go hunt them down, now.