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Why Having Facials Every Month is a Good Idea For Men

I visited SkingGlow beauty clinic to experience a tailor-made facial. I received some useful tips to update my face cleansing routine and came away with a face that glowed brighter than the back of a silver spoon. 

Tetyana beginning the facial

Tetyana beginning the facial

The Facial, In Steps

This was my first ever facial, before going in I wasn’t actually sure of what the process of a facial consisted of. It’s basically an in depth and more complex washing of the face. I began by getting under the covers and we spoke about what my current skincare routine consisted of, what is currently working and any issues that I’m experiencing.

Step 1: She cleansed and exfoliated my face with the pHformula product EXFO Cleanser. One of the nicest exfoliating washes I’ve had.

Step 2: Soft resurfacing cream was applied to my entire face. After this it felt clearer and really smooth to touch.

Step 3: I had a hot towel compress to heat the face and open pores ready for extraction. The extraction consisted of firm pressure around the nose to clear blocked pores. 

Step 4: I had a strong and concentrated formula of vitamin C brushed into my skin which was allowed for a while to work magic.

Step 5: A hydrogel mask was applied to rehydrate my skin to the max before the LED Opera Mask was placed over my face for 20 minutes. Whilst this was in place, I had a delicious hand massage with essential oils. 

Her peaceful and relaxing therapy room

Her peaceful and relaxing therapy room

pHformula products and instruments which she uses for tailor-made facials

pHformula products and instruments which she uses for tailor-made facials

LED Opera Mask

I looked like something from the space age with this on my face, but it was all in the name of beauty. The world-renowned Opera LED Light Therapy Face Mask utilises 3 wavelengths to provide a multitude of skin rejuvenation treatments to the face and neck. It also incorporates the use of galvanic currents to further results of the nutrient filled hydrogel mask that I had. 

The LED Opera Mask

The LED Opera Mask


Tetyana is immediately welcoming, warm and friendly and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of in-depth knowledge that she has of the skin, especially the facial area. As soon as you see how bright and vibrant her skin is, you'll know she knows what she’s doing! And she does, she’s an expert. She’s also really easy to talk to and offers plenty of advice, so don’t be scared to ask her anything

Where and why

Where you ask? Because we all want a glowy face. SkinGlow is situated in Richmond, a few train stops from Clapham Junction and is run by Tetyana Chemerynska, whose passion for skin has made her a notable expert within facial care and sustainable wellbeing.

Because everyone loves to be pampered, to have someone else do the cleaning. The whole thing is done on a bed, so its also a hugely relaxing experience. Your skin goes through a lot in a month and by going at the beginning of every month, you’re resetting your skin to factory settings. At the same time, it feels amazing afterwards and you’ll get lots of compliments!

Visit Tetyana's website here and her Instagram here! Don't hesitate to get in touch with her for more questions or a consultation where she'll be able to run you through the list of services that she provides.