A Kiehl's Tone

I’ve been suffering from oily skin since coming home from Singapore, my dermatologist tells me it was probably down to the change of weather and that I needed to tone up! I want to share something with you that really works and surprisingly fast.

I headed to Kiehl's to try their handful of toners and came away with the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner which is an all-rounder, good for both men and women and was obviously made to combat oily skin.

After just 2 days of use I noticed my pores had begun to minimise and my face was feeling a lot cleaner and fresher. I also realised this is a product that can be used more than twice a day as it doesn’t dry out your skin like cheaper alcohol based toners do. 

I use it in the morning after a shower, sometimes a little in the middle of the day and in the evening after a face wash, before moisturising. I’ve also found that applying it straight to face with hands works better than cotton pads which absorb about 80% of the liquid. So there you have it, tried and tested!

Head down to a Kiehl’s branch to test their products out for yourself!