MMUK: Feel Your Best

When you look how you want to, you feel better. In the past 2 years the number of heterosexual men using cosmetic products have doubled. MMUK are just one provider of great quality products for men, to make us feel better about the way we look. 

John Bingham MMUK Products

The (first world) Problems I’ve been having:

  • Dry skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Tired looking eyes
  • Acne scarring

John Bingham MMUK

What I used to resolve my first world problems:

Oily Skin: MMUK MAN Anti-Shine Powder, High Definition Skin Matifier For Men, £22.00, Click to buy.   

Dry Skin: MMUK MAN Hydrating Mango Face Cream, Daily Moisturiser For Normal to Dry Skin, £30.00, Click to buy. 

Tired Eyes: Cover with MMUK MAN Concealer Trio For Men, 24.00, Click to buy. 

Acne Scarring: MMUK MAN Body Foundation, £32.50, Click to buy. 

John Bingham MMUK For Men

Visit MMUK online to shop the above and more. You’ll be able to find them on Asos too. Click here to see what they’re up to on Instagram. 

John Bingham