My New Rawligion

If you’re not having a juice-a-day, then you need to head to Rawligion. This perfectly raw organic store just off Tottenham Court Road swung open its doors last year and it is here to stay. Scroll that finger for juicy images and my 3 favourites. 

Their products aren’t a ‘better than’ alternative; they are the best alternative. Their juices are impeccable and entirely raw and organic where possible. With healthy juice stands popping up all over the places nowadays, this one has a product that, when you try, will tell you that it’s not just a fad but one which will be around for a while. One that has a place in your daily routine. I tried a selection and here are my top 3.

Apple Chia has the tastiest of apples all juiced up and crammed into a sexy glass bottle with the fiercest of chia seeds you ever did see.

Liquid Gold is the cutest little bottle of turmeric, ginger, sea buckthorn juice, pepper and alkaline water. This bad boy cured my hangover I tell you. It’ll give you a nice kick up the arse of a morning.

E3 Live is simply sensational and tastes better than it sounds. It's a liquid algae drink and helps your brain function to the max, so have it in the morning and overdose regularly!

Rawligion can be found just off Tottenham Court Road in London at 3 Tottenham Street, W1T 2AF.