Henry Hussey For MSGM

I enjoy a creative collaboration and here’s one I really enjoy. A passionately raw and free spirited capsule collection from MSGM featuring rising star Henry Hussey. One we’ll remember from 2017 I’m sure. Hussey made his mark on the range with a palette of intense colour and energy while using art as emotional expression.

I came across his work in 2015 at Zavier Ellis's Charlie Smith Gallery in London as part of that year’s edition of Anthology. His urgent and intensely created work told stories of an immense relationship between artist and material, which makes what he does and fashion, the perfect partners.

Massimo Giorgetti of MSGM said: “To collaborate with an artist of Henry Hussey’s calibre is a great honour for me. I initially thought that his art would have been right for some parade pieces but bit-by-bit, as creativity and powerful images gave them form, and with a DNA perfectly suited to MSGM, my enthusiasm grew. Thus, upon the creation of the capsule, I wanted to dedicate a special space to these pieces, so as to give them all the attention they deserved.”

The Henry Hussey for MSGM capsule collection will be available from January 2017 in MSGM boutiques and all multi-brand stockists.

Click here to see more of Henry's work. And click here to visit MSGM.