Overshirts And Boots

Now that winter has fully arrived we search for more ways to wrap up during the colder times and the overshirt offers us just that. This versatile wonder can be worn on its own as a slightly thicker and more robust button up shirt, with the classic tee (and when worn unbuttoned helps lengthen the body if you’re shorter in size like me!) or like its name suggests, it can be worn over a shirt!

Hipsters are now frowned upon for trying too hard to look like erm, hipsters. And you’ll know that the overshirt is like totally a tribe staple. So I suggest you not to pair it with your damaged docs, 5th hand vintage sheepskin coat and unwashed beanie, but to dress it with some hot suede boots(from Dune), skinny blacks and your smartest shirt and winter warmer.

So there you have it, don’t be hip. Wear it your own way.

Coat: Barneys, Overshirt: Asos, Jeans: Topman, Boots: Dune

A warm hug to Asos for the shirt and voucher x